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At the heart of Home-Start is the belief that parents play the key role in giving their children the best start in life and that other parents have the experience and understanding to support those families who need help.

Home-Start South & West Devon has an excellent reputation within the Voluntary Sector, providing opportunities for volunteers to develop new skills, meet new people, feel valued and have fun, with the support of staff committed to ensuring that they get the most from their volunteering experience.
Who are Home-Start volunteers?

Our volunteers are committed and caring people who offer their time freely.

They are usually parents themselves and bring with them personal experience, skills and knowledge of the resources available within their local area.

They are friendly and approachable and can be relied on and trusted by parents to listen without being judgmental, and to respect the needs of each individual family.

All volunteers…
  • Undertake an 8 week course of preparation which takes place one day a week during school hours. This fully prepares volunteers for their role.
  • Receive lots of support both during the preparation course and after, when they are supporting Home-Start families from a designated co-ordinator.
  • Receive additional special training, can access free career development training and attend social events throughout the year.
  • Receive travel expenses whilst volunteering for Home-Start.

We evaluate all aspects of our service delivery and are continually striving to improve and develop, ensuring that we are responsive to all needs. All the feedback we receive shows the value placed on our service and the impact we have on the lives of families, with a variety of needs, throughout South and West Devon.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please read the documents below:

What parents say about their Home-Start Volunteer:

How did I get my volunteer?  She fell from heaven!


I feel stronger as a mother.  The children can’t wait until my volunteer comes – they get very excited and love being with her.


My Home-Start volunteer more than makes up for my lack of family support.  She is positive, kind, caring and my children really enjoy her visits.  She gives me positive thoughts when the going gets tough.


What volunteers say about Volunteering:

“It was the perfect start to the Career path that I wanted to head in”

“I was great to be able to give something back as I was lucky enough to have a brilliant Home-Start volunteer when I was having difficulties.

“I wanted to help Mums who had no back up and it was good to use my own experience as a Mum and Grandmother”

“I wanted to do something useful in retirement”


Being a volunteer with Home-Start has enabled me to meet lots of lovely families and be part of their lives. This was wonderful for me as it came at a time when my children were growing up and becoming independent.


Brings a sense of self-worth that just doing things for yourself doesn’t bring.


Home-Start South & West Devon are supportive and provide lots of training. At the start of the prep course we were all very nervous, but by the end we were excited to meet our families!