There’s no rulebook for raising a family and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, particularly if your family is going through difficult times.

If you are a parent with at least one child under the age of eighteen then we’re here to help you

Do you ever feel like this?

  • Isolated in your community, with no family nearby and struggle to make friends
  • Suffering with post-natal illness but finding it hard to talk to anyone about it
  • Having a hard time coping with your child’s illness
  • Overwhelmed by the death of a loved one
  • Struggling with the emotional and physical demands of having young children
  • Struggling to cope with a disability or relationship problems
  • Tired, unhappy, exhausted

We can support you with…

Someone who won’t judge you

 A shoulder to cry on 

Someone to play with or read to your children 

Company at the park, or someone to help you find out what else is out there. 

You decide…

If you ask for Home-Start’s help you can be sure of total confidentiality and support from well-trained staff and volunteers. All staff and volunteers have an enhanced level criminal records check.

But the best way to find out what Home-Start support really means is to read what people say about us and see what other families have said.

What to expect from us

“My volunteer changed my, and my son’s life, as previously I was too scared to go out with him to the shops, let alone to any groups. I now have the confidence to go out and take him to activities and do new things. Thank you so much”

“Having my volunteer helped me a great deal. She has given me back my confidence, my strength and self-esteem. Before she came, I wouldn’t leave the house, I didn’t speak to people. I never opened up or admitted I was struggling. She has been the highlight of my week.”

“Thank you for all the support which I received through Home-Start. It made such a difference to my life with two small babies. Our volunteer became a real friend, important in mine and the children’s lives. Thank you for your support.”

“I feel stronger as a mother. The children can’t wait until my volunteer comes – they get very excited and love being with her.”

“My Home-Start volunteer more than makes up for my lack of family support. She is positive, kind, caring and my children really enjoy her visits. She gives me positive thoughts when the going gets tough.”