Services for Families from April 2021

Please note that our services are primarily universal and that only our Reducing Parental Conflict programmes are available to families at CIN or Safeguarding level

Digital remote support from a volunteer

Families have reported that one of the most important aspects of our support is someone listening and offering emotional support and encouragement.

“even if it’s online having someone objective to talk to and some adult conversation is good” – quote from a family

For many families setting aside two hours for volunteer visit is too much. For others they may need to speak to someone more regularly than our traditional once a week visit, and some people just feel more comfortable chatting online.

Whatever the reason, this new method of support provides families with access to a volunteer. The volunteer will be available for up to an hour, a couple of times a week, at times that suit them both. Support, which will last for up to 12 months, will be monitored and supported in the same way as our traditional face-to-face support. The volunteer and family will each have a personal password and username and can chat using text, voice or video. Initially families will need access to a phone and internet but in the longer-term we are hoping to fund hardware and possibly internet costs for families in severe poverty.

One-to-one home visiting volunteer support

This service is open to any family with a child under 18. Parents are matched to a volunteer, who visits them in the home for two hours per week, for up to a year. Volunteers provide a listening ear, encouragement, signposting and support. They work alongside a parent, enabling them to develop their confidence and skills and to find and create long-term sustainable networks. Volunteer do not provide childcare, cleaning or transport services. Support is managed and monitored by a paid co-ordinator.

Mellow Mums – Zoom group for mum’s with low mood and/or feeling isolated with a child under 2

This is a rolling programme. Each programme consists of a session a week over 8 weeks. The group is an informal, facilitated group, bringing mum’s together to chat and make connections with the aim of creating longer-term, sustainable networks beyond the programme.

Own My Life

The Own My Life course is an innovative, creative, educational 12-week course for women who have been subjected to domestic abuse. The trauma informed approach supports women to regain ownership of their lives after an abusive relationship. This is then followed by a 6-week facilitated Own My Group add on, to encourage peer support networks. The course is a rolling programme, and is delivered via Zoom, and is suitable for women post abuse.

Reducing Parental Conflict – Courses for Families

This support can only be accessed by the completion of the relevant questionnaire with a family. The questionnaire will determine if the parent is eligible and which intervention they can access. If the family are eligible a Coordinator will contact the family and create a plan.

Some of the courses are available to families with a child up to 18 (24 if the child has a learning disability).

With my Reach

The programme helps people improve their relationships with the people who matter. It looks at how family background and hidden issues can impact negatively on our communication and focuses on understanding and addressing negative relationship patterns and improving communication.

This course is for people in or out of a relationship and is primarily delivered as a group via Zoom.

Triple P – Family Transitions

The programme offers support and guidance to deflect the pressure of divorce or separation away from the children. It supports a parent to focus on developing communication and problem-solving skills and to manage emotions.

This course is delivered primarily as a Zoom group to parents who are separated or divorced.

Family Check-Up

The programme uses video interactions to build parents’ skills to support positive behaviour. This is delivered with together or separated or divorced couples. It is delivered one-to-one with both parents via Zoom.

To refer to the Reducing Parental Conflict programmes, follow the link and complete the participation agreement and referral questionnaire. Link to referral portal

For more information about these services, or to refer a family please contact 07307 873163, email